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In the News with Nicola

Sales tax on seeds works against lower carbon footprint

Expert says Canada's tax system works to discourage Canadians from growing food at home. People want to grow more food for a variety of reasons. One is to be proud of the food they grow. They want to do more for themselves. They want better quality. They want to reduce the carbon footprint of our food systems. But many, many citizens actually also want to grow food to save money.

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Inflation - Making ends meet

Nicola Moore was listening to Finance minister Chrystia Freeland's speech today on helping Canadians cope with inflation. The mother of 3 shares her thoughts with Aarti Pole on CBC News Network.

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Food prices and the cost of living going up at its fastest rate since 1991

We are experiencing the highest ever food price hike and its driving up the cost of living. Nicola Moore, a food security & mental health advocate, is calling on the Canadian government to take action before the crisis worsens. Click below to watch her full interview.

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CBC discusses with Nicola how inflation will affect our Canadian grocery bill

Shopper Nicola Moore says skyrocketing prices for fruit and vegetables are taking a huge bite out of her budget and making her grocery bill get even longer and more expensive every week.

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Nicola speaks to the National Post on food insecurity

Nicola Moore recently released her first single, “The Arrow.” A singer-songwriter, peer advocate, and mother of three nder nine, she’s made the most of any pandemic-induced “lulls” in her life by writing music.

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Nicola speaks to the Globe and Mail on food insecurity

Nicola spends an enormous amount of energy weighing out what can fit in her budget while growing her own food.

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Nicola Moore on Facebook live

Rock Steady Holistic Nutrition interviews the beautiful soul Nicola Moore to talk about music, parenthood, health, advocacy, gardening and much more.
You can still tune in if you missed it!

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