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My Musical Journey

In the midst of adversity, some find solace in rediscovering their passions, and such is the story of Nicola Moore, the talented singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Hamilton, Ontario.


Throughout the pandemic, she found herself working from home like millions around the world, and in the solitude, she rekindled her deep-seated love for music. Little did she know that this re-connection with her artistry would take her on an incredible musical journey, one that would see her flourish as an artist, producer, and collaborator.


During this period of musical exploration, Nicola's talent caught the attention of the Tune in Foundation, which led to her participation in the highly esteemed Blueprint Artist Development Series. This exceptional program provided Nicola with a nurturing environment to grow as an artist and allowed her to foster deep connections with fellow musicians. The Blueprint Artist Development Series, with its focus on skill enhancement and artistic growth, proved to be the catalyst Nicola needed to push her musical boundaries further.


A testament to Nicola's collaborative spirit and her ability to bring artists together was the creation of the track "Ride With You (Rock With You)" by the Blueprint Collective. The song was an exquisite fusion of talents from the Blueprint Artist Development. Nicola's heartfelt gratitude to the power of the Internet for enabling such artistic connections is evident in her words, as she considers herself blessed to work alongside these talented individuals who consistently exceed her expectations.

With numerous songs awaiting their release, Nicola Moore's musical journey seems boundless. Her music touches the soul, drawing listeners into a world where emotions take flight and melodies paint vivid pictures. As an artist who wears her heart on her sleeve, she channels her experiences, joys, and struggles into songs that resonate universally. Nicola's passion, determination and newfound production skills has set her on a trajectory of success.

To experience the magic of Nicola's music, head over to Spotify and iTunes, where her soul-stirring melodies await to captivate your heart and leave an indelible mark on your soul. The future holds great promise for this rising Canadian star, and we can't wait to witness her musical prowess soar to even greater heights.

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