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  • Nicola Moore

Pandemic round 3

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

On the evening of April 8th I was ready to celebrate the launch of my new single;

Ready or Not - A song I created years ago but never released. I was so excited because it made me look forward to my birthday and even in lockdown, I'm looking forward to something. I called it a present to myself.

Day 1 of lockdown phase 3 began at 12.01 am, on my birthday. Not only that but parents and children were not allowed to visit parks or open fields. They quickly changed this rule due to parent uproar and I thought to myself, as an advocate for mental health and wellness I realize that this shut down will be heavy for most.

Officially in person schools are now closed for the next few weeks and my children are to learn math, English, science, reading, art and yes gym class from an iPad. If you are a parent, this is not an easy task. I'm grateful to have the ability to use my computer for meetings and music etc., but its the little one I worry about. She is a baby born during these times and has not socialized in a setting to see other babies. Will that effect her socialization and development? Things I cannot worry about but it does cross my mind.

But outside of myself and my family, COVID-19 is truly having a negative impact on our mental health, with many seeing their stress levels double since the onset of the pandemic. Some people are struggling with fear and uncertainty about their own health and their loved ones’ health, concerns about employment and finances, and the social isolation that comes from public health measures, like this moment.

I think about the people who work in the grocery stores who are in constant contact with people. Dealing with everyone for a 7 hour shift must make you feel worried about catching the virus. I did a quick google search on the CAMH site and it showed me 50% of Canadians reported worsening mental health since the pandemic began. Many are feeling worried and anxious. One in 10 Canadians polled said that their mental health had worsened ‘a lot’ as a result of the virus and similar results were found in a survey of Canadian workers.

81% reported that the pandemic is negatively impacting their mental health, indicating a significant drop in overall worker mental health since the beginning of the Pandemic. This report also stated that substance use is also on the rise in Canada; and those aged 18-34 they have increased their alcohol consumption since social distancing and self-isolation.

For many, this is a lot more time at home than you’ve ever had before so my advice would be to take advantage of it. Reflect, heal and enjoy this time. This can be a self-care & development month for you. Paint, write, craft, clean, meal prep, garden. Take advantage of this time and make the most out of it. Stay safe.


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