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  • Nicola Moore

It happens every 30 years

I took my family away last weekend and felt the presence of a lot of religious culture. My kids kept mentioning to

me that I was noticing it a lot; perhaps a bit too much, and I explained to them that what you are viewing is beautifully unusual. I thought about it all week until I had to look it up and aha! I found the answer, and now I'll share it with you.

Sunday marks the first time in 33 years that the Jewish holiday of Passover, Muslim holiday of Ramadan and Christian holiday of Easter fall on the same date in the calendar. I grew up in Christian faith and I remember researching and finding out that 2.38 billion Christians on Sunday observe Easter, which commemorates the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ.

Ramadan, which started April 1st is the time to pause, breathe, reflect, replenish, and to really nourish your capacity to keep showing up as people of faith, and people more committed to doing good. Ramadan continues until the beginning of May.

The first night of Passover began in April and ended on the same day as Good Friday, with Easter on Sunday. Passover, commemorates Hebrews being freed from slavery in Egypt. This sentiment of freedom from oppression also extends itself to connecting with other communities that have recently faced the same strife.

Having everyone in one place made me feel like we're able to respect the individuality of our belief systems, along with respecting the humanity and the love in each of us. It was a happy experience I hope to have happen again.

This overlapping of holy days — which are connected to three different calendars — only happens about every 30 years. How cool is that?!

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